Saturday, February 7, 2009


Wow its been a while! Read the shit below!

Burial Shrouds??? What the hell is this??!! Well, I'll friggin tell you what it is! It's my Shirt Design Business, thats right you heard me. I will be designing my own shirts that i will sell monthly!!! Yes MONTHLY!!! Well if $$$ allows at least, worst case it will be BI-MONTHLY. But yes starting this very moment BURIAL SHROUDS has been unearthed. As it has been one of my many dreams to put my art to good use, so I have decided it is time to draw some ghouls and beasts on some shirts!! Each design will be drawn and colored by yours cruelly! Each shirt will have its own "Name" so to speak. The pins have been created by 815 BUTTONS they can also be view on my top friends list!

I am pricing the shirts right now at $11 U.S. so it's pretty reasonable. Of course this DOES NOT include shipping!! THIS FIRST BATCH IS EXTREMELY LIMITED!!!!!! I MEAN EXTREMELY LIMITED!!!! I have placed a small order to see how BURIAL SHROUDS does, my next design (which will be available for Valentine's Day "wink") will be printed in a larger amount. So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE have some patience with me, if you don't get this design there will always be another. Which leads me to this, once a design is sold out, IT IS GONE!!! These will be extremely exclusive and limited. I want to keep it that way, I'm not looking to become the next American fucking Eagle. This first design I may print again at a later date to be a "anniversary" piece but i have not decided on that yet! Sizes right now that are available are as follows: L, XL, XXL(LIMITED). WHERE THE FUCK IS MEDIUM???WHY ARE THERE NO SMALLS??? shut-up for a second, as i said this is my first order and very limited. I will have more sizes in February for the new design!!

I will post blogs and updates, and work in progress images on my page, So please keep your eyes peeled for those!! I should have the shirts in the next few days!!! If you would like one please message me on the page! Tell me your name, what size, you want and your address so i can calculate shipping! PAYPAL ONLY AND PLEASE FOR RIGHT NOW NO INTERNATIONAL ORDERS!!! THATS IT!!! Thanks for reading and I hope you snag a few of my shirts!! Remember for your funeral make sure you wear...BURIAL SHROUDS!!! xxoo Nev